SubroTech Claim Services

Location & Asset research for the Insurance Industry


Attach supporting documents with online request instead of faxing separately.

Previously we asked you to fax supporting documents, now you can simply attach them to your request. The original documents, ie... police reports, acord, driver exchange, court filing, proof of debt, etc... help us get quickly on the right track to get the results you need.

Established in 1993, Denver, Colorado.

SubroTech provides the subrogation industry with debtor location and asset profiles.

Additional services include document retrieval and research including location of criminal records, civil cases, bankruptcy filings and title searches. Availability of documents vary state by state and county by county.

Our insurance verification product searches for unknown policies or expands known insurance search to look for any additional coverage.

All research is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

SubroTech will not perform research for private individuals. All requests must be submitted with either a claim number, copy of civil judgment or court case number and jurisdiction. You must validate your need for our services.

SubroTech specializes in claim-related research. In the past 20 plus years over 39,000 adjusters from virtually all of the major insurance providers have used our services. Our experience is our true value. Let us do the time-consuming research so you can focus on the rest.

SubroTech does not provide no find / no fee asset-only searches. Our diligent efforts produce tangible results and our time is valuable. We do not offer pretext extraction services that cut corners and break laws to find employment and bank accounts. We often obtain these desired results but not at the expense of your integrity.

SubroTech Claim Services

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