SubroTech Advantages:

  • Quick turnaround, usually less than 10 working days
  • 48-hour rush report available
  • Over 150 years experience on staff
  • Direct access to the research specialist assigned your claim. Call and work with an individual on sensitive cases to ensure we get the interview you want with the least amount of intrusion.
  • Information Security Program fully protects any sensitive information sent to our offices
  • Se Habla Espanol

Description of Service Options

Subrogation Location & Asset


Every report includes full documentation of all investigative steps taken and what was learned about the subject from those sources. This service provides you with a current snapshot of the subject's residential and financial condition, allowing you to evaluate a claim's recovery potential, pursue identified assets, or justify closing an un-collectible file. Either way, you get the documentation you need. It is our most popular report, and you get a detailed report every time.

Insurance Verification - Individual

Insurance Search only - $75
Combined with Location & Asset search - $95

Our report will help clarify if coverage exists and create contact with other insurance coverage that might affect your claim. Your handwritten requests created this service. We have worked closely with hundreds of adjusters and created a system that produces results. We use direct interviews, review police report leads, contact courts, purchase registration documents, research market shares and randomly call producers. The nature of the request requires due diligence to get the best results. Remember to always provide loss location and any policies already researched.

No Find - No Fee

No Address or Assets Confirmed - $0
Confirmed Address and/or Assets - $95

Designed for when you have something specific you want to find, and you don't want to pay or receive the details if the results are negative. Great for process serving and witness locates.

Business Report

Base cost - $95
Combined with Business Insurance Verification - $115

Our report will focus on the entity's legal structure, core management / ownership group. We determine if the business is viable, how long they have been in business, estimated number of employees, and number of locations. We research assets in the company name as well as other legal entities held by ownership group. Searches for civil and criminal documents, web sites, email addresses, and web-traffic history are also included. For Insurance Verification, please provide loss location and any policies previously researched. Any additional cost for document retrieval will be authorized by customer.

Title Searches

Varies by region / typically between $100-$150

Document retrieval service. Our report provides you with a courthouse document search to determine current owner, liens, and encumbrances associated with the parcel. Lis Pendens / foreclosure searches always include recorded instruments and civil court documents when available. Increasingly this service is being used to dig deeper into equity positions on asset searches and determining if the tort owns their asset outright or owe more than the property is worth.

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