Permissible Purpose


By submitting your request and providing supporting documents you are confirming you understand permissible purposes and are retaining SubroTech Claim Services to assist your office in claim processing and subsequent collection activities.

Permissible purposes as defined by the FCRA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act determine what tools we use in researching your request.

For automobile subrogation claims please include at minimum your claim number, and if possible the police report or driver exchange forms with the pages that list the owner / operator, passengers and any citations issued. This applies to all legal firms working in partnership with the insurance industry. An attorney's in-house file numbers and name of insurance client will suffice as well.

For collection matters proof of debt is required. Court filings with case number or pending civil filings are required. Paperwork with known addresses, rental applications with references, any document filled out by whom you want us to find proves useful.

For legal firms, in-house file number + jurisdiction, docket number or class action index numbers, and/or civil judgment or complaint paperwork are required for partial access to databases.

Permissible purpose is determined case by case.


SubroTech has been providing quality research for 20 plus years. Excelling in telephone interviews, we've never been associated with the unscrupulous exploits of 'pretext' services. We've always carried Errors & Omissions insurance but have never had a claim. Our staff is well trained and kept up to date with the ever-changing laws associated with privacy issues. We understand permissible purposes, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and provisions set forth in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. We diligently scrutinize and scrub database aggregators to find current information. We know how to use the telephone, working within the boundaries of the law to extract useable information. We will not compromise the integrity of your company.

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